Why is a Dry Bath Brush a New Way to Detoxify the Skin?

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Many people take good care of facial skin, such as exfoliating, cleaning and moisturizing regularly. But do you remember when you last cared for the skin of other parts of the body? The skin is the largest organ in your body. In fact, just adding a simple skin care step every morning can greatly improve skin health. This step is to dry the skin with a bath brush. 

The history of dry brush

The earliest application of dry brushing of the skin was the flint scraping therapy for thousands of years. For centuries, from ancient Greece to Japan, it has been customary to use a dry exfoliating bath brush when bathing to activate the lymphatic system, soften the skin and restore vitality.

In fact, the ability of the skin to absorb substances is sometimes amazing. For example, a drop of essential oil can be detected in our hair after 10 minutes. Of course, the ability of the skin to excrete substances is beyond doubt. In the field of natural health, skin is considered to be the third lung or third kidney of our body. It can even help AIDS excrete all toxins from the body. In fact, our skin absorbs more material and excreted waste every day than any other organ. At least 2 pounds of waste excreted through the skin each day. 

How to make a dry bath brush

In the past, dry bath brushes were made from wild bristles. Wild boar hair is hard and elastic, and a bath brush can effectively shed dry skin without causing harm. With advances in technology and craftsmanship, it is now possible to use sisal fiber to create completely vegan and plant-based dry brushes! These environmentally friendly fibers are derived from perennial succulent sisal, are biodegradable and easily regenerated, providing a sustainable dry brush option. 

Why should we regularly brush my skin with a bath brush

The skin is an intricate system of nerves, glands, and cell layers. If it can ensure its health, it can serve as a buffer structure to protect your body from extreme temperatures and chemicals. It can also produce antibacterial substances to protect you from infection; it can also help the body produce vitamin D if exposed to sunlight. Your skin even contains dense nerve cells, which act as "messengers" that send information to the brain, so skin is also an important medium for your interaction with the world around you.

Another vital role of the skin is to support optimal detoxification. If toxins and dead skin cells flood, your skin can't effectively expel waste. This is also one of the important functions of dry skin brushing. It can not only remove dead skin cells, but also stimulate lymph nodes to discharge waste. In addition, dry skin bath brushing has multiple benefits, including stimulating your lymphatic system to promote circulation, improving digestion and kidney function, and reducing stress. 

Buying a bath brush for yourself in the new year will be your most valuable investment for your skin. If you have any questions about purchasing a bath brush, please contact our professional beautician. Inquiry.

Post time: Oct-02-2020