Supply Chain Service

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Ningbo Coziome houseware CO., LTD is located in the world famous port city - Ningbo. After more than 10 years of development, our products have more than 400 products, covering the following product lines: cleaning cloth, mop, lint roller, brush, mat, window squeegee, duster. Our company combines our own production and procurement. We have strong management and integration capabilities in household cleaning and daily necessities, so we can provide the best and most cost-effective products and services for all new and old customers.

The company always adheres to the principle of "customer first, cooperation and win-win". Provide 100% quality products and five-star quality service to all new and old customers! Relying on our integration advantages in the household goods industry, we help more and more new and existing customers to match quality, economic and efficient suppliers.

1) We have good cooperation with large supermarkets, and WALMAT, Carrefour, Rossmann, etc. can get first-hand information. At the same time, based on our own professional and advanced software, find out what is the trend and the best-selling Amazon and Alibaba. And our marketing team will also participate in a large number of domestic and international conferences to check the actual market situation.

2) We have integrated 100 tableware suppliers to meet the needs of our customers. We can check potential suppliers, whether they have their own factories, whether their plants are standard or just private homes. Whether the factory can pass human rights and anti-terrorism audits. We can help check the quality of their mass-produced goods.

3) For goods from other suppliers, we will also strictly check materials, semi-finished products and finished products. We will take photos and videos and send them to our customers for reference, so our customers know the entire production process very well.

4) With our more than 10 years of export experience, whether it is LCL goods or FCL goods, we will guarantee the safety of the products and will not be damaged during transportation. Even if you are a new importer, we can provide you with excellent DDU or DDP services, which means that the goods will be delivered to your own warehouse. If you buy goods from different suppliers, we can collect the goods together and load them.

As a customer's purchasing agent, we can send you invitations, book hotels and airline tickets, solve your communication and traffic problems in China, and arrange the most comfortable trips for you, saving you valuable time, effort and expense. If you need to do business with other excellent Chinese suppliers, we can even provide you with reassuring quality inspection and thoughtful translation work.

With us, doing business is simple and easy.