Cooperation Cases

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In October, 2011, Autumn Canton Fair, we met Mehran.

He resigned from the Italian company in Iran and was ready to start an undertaking. He came to the Autumn Canton Fair to find products and suppliers to cooperate. After comparing the price and quality, he thought that our company's products were very suitable for them. And we also very sincerely discussed with him about some aspects of cooperation. We made an appointment to visit our factory after the Autumn Canton Fair and talk about cooperation.


On Nov. 04, 2011, Mr. Mehran came to Ningbo along with his interpreter. They visited several other companies before coming to our company. After visiting our company, we mainly discussed four issues:

1. Give support for their company. Because the initial order will be less, we have to give enough support in quality and price. Besides, we promised that we only sell products to them as an exclusive agent in Iran. At the same time, Mehran also should only purchase our products (products should be within our business scope);

2. When it is not a product within the scope of our business, if Mehran agreed, we were willing to help them to purchase, and we only would receive a reasonable charge;

3. Help them recommend products and co-design products;

4. Brand route.

After a morning discussion, we reached a unified opinion on the above points and signed an agreement.

In the afternoon, we started to select products. And explore products for the Mehran market together. Based on our many years of experience and the habits of Mehran people in their country, we had selected 4 products together. Three of them were regular products and were sold well in their country, which helped us open the market. Another was a new product that was also suitable for their market. It attracted the consumers and deepened their understanding of the new brand. The products were combined as a 20' small cabinet.

Mehran hoped to get the goods as soon as possible. It was best to let the products arrived at the port in one month before their New Year (the Mid-February is their New Year), which would help us open the market and establish the brand. It was often the busiest time for the factory after the Canton Fair, especially the New Year was also approaching. In order to support Mehran, our production department, logistics department, business department and related personnels met together. Gave requestions that the Mehran order be completed in the mid-December and as early as possible.

Finally, through the joint efforts of all parties, we completed the goods in early December, and successfully arranged for shipment, nearly two weeks earlier than originally planned. In the market, a company whether it can success or failure is often up to time. After the products were successfully put on the shelves, Mehran called me very excitedly and said: "The original choice is really correct. Let us cheer!". Since the product was very suitable, the price was very reasonable, the quality was very good, our products was sold out soon in one month. We discussed the second batch of production together, added some products as appropriate to let the total amount increase to 40 'HC. We arranged the goods to their hands at the end of April. Because March and April were their slack seasons, starting a sale in May was a good opportunity. In this way, we finalized our second order before the Chinese new year.


In the second year, Mehran came to China again after their New Year. This time he brought a lot of gifts to us and expressed his gratitude. We visited other factories in China together. Went to the Yiwu International Trade City and Canton Fair to purchase products. We also jointly develop new products together. Mehran's purchases reached 5 high cabinets in that year.

After the unremitting efforts and joint development of the two parties, Mehran's business had continued to expand in the next few years. Mehran's products have reached nearly 60 varieties, with 2-3 40' HCs per month up to now. His company entered the local famous supermarkets such as Carrefour. And every big city has its own brand agency. At the same time, we also arranged warehouses to help customers to ship in batches, reducing the pressure on his inventory.

Of course, sometimes there will be problems between us. For example, the Loading and unloading workers make operation mistakes which will cause damages to the components of the products or breakages of the packaging. We will install parts and packaging into the container in time to facilitate the replacement of Mehran. Then it can minimize the loss.

In the communication with Mehran, we are on standby almost 24 hours and can find each other at any time. If we find problems, we will communicate and solve immediately. Besides, we also will summarize to prevent make the same mistakes at the next time. Be efficient, timely and professional. Because we always think about the problems from the customers’ standpoint, we believe that only when the customers make money, then can we make.

It is our sincere communication that contribute to our relationship. Mehran is not only a good work partner, but also a reliable friend in life.