What Kinds of Toilet Cleaning Tools Are Available?

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Compared with the traditional squat pit, it is more comfortable for us to go to the toilet and a high-quality toilet can also improve the overall level of the family. Do you know how to use some tools to clean the toilet at home, such as household clean bamboo toilet brushes and so on.

Automatic or Embedded Toilet Cleaner

Automatic or embedded toilet cleaners are usually used in the water tank of the toilet, which will slowly dissolve. When flushing the toilet, they will automatically flow into the toilet with the flow of water to keep it clean. The automatic cleaner is easy to use and maintain, which can keep the toilet clean between flushing. And more importantly, it can reduce the number of times you scrub, although the toilet still needs occasional scrubbing. If your pet or child is easy to access these cleaners, this may not be a good idea, as its ingredients are usually not good for the environment. 

Powder Toilet Cleaner

Powder toilet cleaner is designed to scrub the toilet without scratching it, which is a good choice for cleaning. Its main advantage is that a powder cleaner can provide enough scrubbing capacity without scratching the toilet when there are rust or water stains on your toilet. Besides, powder cleaners are available from environmental companies. However, there are a lot of things to pay attention to during use as follows.

● Don't scratch the surface of the toilet.

● An extra brush is needed to clean the toilet.

● it's difficult to wash off the powder thoroughly after cleaning.

Toilet Brush

Long handle dead-end corner toilet cleaning brushes are hard bristle brushes that are usually supplied with storage containers, which are sold by many companies to match bathroom decorations. The toilet brushes with holder plastic and wholesale latest home cleaning brush perform very well in scrubbing toilets because they are not only cheap but also easy to find. The stocked household toilet bowl cleaning brushes used with non-toxic detergents are environmentally friendly. However, it must be noted that the wire brush may damage the toilet and the long-handled bathroom cleaning brush need to be disinfected thoroughly or away from areas cross-contaminated with bacteria.


Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

Almost every cleaning company on the market will sell some form of disposable toilet cleaning system, which can use a disposable pre-installed cleaning head or automatic cleaner trigger to decrease the use of TPR drain toilet brushes or detergents. These systems can save time because there is hardly a need to clean up. Also, it reduces or eliminates the chance of keeping a hand style WC cleaning toilet brush in the bathroom. Its main drawback its high price and the disposable detergents and rags, which are very harmful to the environment.

Paper towel

The use of spray cleaner and customized toilet scrubber will make the outside of the toilet clean. There is no risk of contaminating other surfaces and the tissue can be thrown away. However, the tissue is not the most environmentally friendly cleaning option and can be a significant expensive when you need to clean multiple bathrooms.

Post time: Aug-27-2020