What is the Best Way to Clean Windows?

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Every house will have large or small windows. Light and sunlight are thrown into the house through the windows, which makes people feel very warm. Keeping the windows clean may be a dead spot for many people, but in fact, cleaning the windows is not as difficult as people think. Let ’s tell you a few efficient window cleaning solutions.

The best window cleaning ways

1. Cleaning of blinds in the living room: The blinds in the living room are very convenient to use, but it is difficult to clean one by one. If you use gloves and window cleaners to clean, it is easy and convenient. First bring a pair of plastic gloves, and then put a pair of cotton gloves on the outside. Dip a gloved finger into an appropriate amount of baking soda powder, then put your finger into the gap between the blinds and wipe it back and forth. After scrubbing, use the same method with diluted vinegar.

2. Clean the living room glass: When there is stain on the living room, you can use a cloth dipped in white wine or alcohol and gently wipe it to restore the glass to a smooth and bright. When there is a lot of dust on the glass, waste newspapers are great window cleaners. First wipe the surface dirt with a wet towel, and then wipe the newspaper directly.

3. Carved glass descaling: Carved glass is both good-looking and concealed. It is a good choice for floor-to-ceiling windows in living rooms, but the pattern grooves always like to hide dust. Once stained, it is not easy to clean. In fact, just use a used toothbrush and dip a little toothpaste or soda powder to scrub the glass. This will not only clean up the dust in the glass gaps, but also remove the stubborn stains.

4.Derusting of aluminum alloy windows in the living room: There may be rust on the aluminum alloy windows due to the residual water. What should I do? These rust stains are only caused by the oxidation of the aluminum alloy. As long as you wipe with a little toothpaste on the window cleaners, you can quickly remove the stains caused by oxidation.

Other glass cleaning tips

1. If you want to quickly remove the dirt on the glass, you can try to dip the beer with window cleaners, or some warm vinegar, and then wipe the glass to quickly clean the dirt on it.

2. The blackboard eraser used to wipe chalk dust has natural dust removal ability. Using a clean blackboard eraser to wipe the window glass can effectively clean the screen dust.

3. The content of starch in potato skin is extremely rich, and starch will swell when it encounters water, and it will produce adsorption capacity. In addition to dust on the windows, it is easy to leave oil stains or fingerprints, which can be easily done with potato skin as a "cleaner"!

4. Pull the large scotch tape away and rub it into a ball according to the size of the gap in your window. Then put the "glue" into the window gap and wipe it back and forth repeatedly.

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Post time: Sep-24-2020