How to Live with Pets and Stay Clean?

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Many people have cats and dogs as pets at home, keeping a pet takes a lot of patience and at the same time reaps happiness. However, some pet experts remind you to pay attention to contact with pets and keep yourself clean after contact to avoid unnecessary troubles. Why pay attention to the cleanliness of pets? How do we properly clean pets?

The importance of pet cleaning

Studies have shown that the important allergens for patients with allergic rhinitis and asthma in China are pet hair such as dog hair and cat hair. Among allergic reactions caused by pets, skin allergies are more common, and babies are most susceptible to allergies. For those who are reluctant to leave their pets and who are allergic to them, pay special attention to the hygiene of the bedroom. It is best to clean the environment thoroughly, remove carpets and furniture, clean the wall, and clean up the dog hair with a pet lint roller in time. It is best to replace it with a new mattress. Try not to lay carpet in the bedroom, it is better to choose wooden floors or floor tiles that are easy to clean.

How to create a clean pet living environment

Fabric deodorant: It is a deodorizing formula specially designed for fabrics! You don't need to worry about damaging the fibers of the fabric, just spray the carpets, curtains, nest pads and even clothes to easily remove odor.

Pet lint roller: This is a convenient and reusable environmentally friendly cleaning tool! It can wipe any furniture or clothing surface with dog hair stuck. When the sticky paper gets dirty, you can replace the lint roller clean sticky paper, which is very convenient.

Environmental deodorants: Deodorants make the air in your home more fresh! The active ingredients extracted from plants can not only eliminate odors, but also emit fresh odors for a long time.

Disinfection and deodorant: It can be sprayed directly on pets! When used for disinfection of furniture or fabrics, it can be sprayed slightly; when sprayed on pets, a little massage can enhance the deodorization effect.

How to care for dogs in the hair loss period

Dogs need to comb their hair every day to remove dead hair. For long-haired dog breeds, you can take a bath first, soak soft and dead hair, and wash pet hair while washing. Dead hair sticks to the skin to form a stimulus, forming a vicious cycle of itching and scratching, which induces more skin lesions.

Comb hair can reduce the dog's fur accumulation due to normal metabolism, make dog hair stronger and smoother, remove the loose dirt and dust, and prevent fur tangling. Promote blood circulation, strengthen skin resistance and relieve dog's fatigue. Use lint remover to clean up your pet's hair in time.

If you love pets, please create a comfortable and clean home for them. Welcome to visit our website to find more cleaning products.

Post time: Sep-23-2020