How to Clean the Kitchen?

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Nowadays, many young people rarely cook, so the kitchen is left unused. What is more, after a few meals, young people do not clean up the kitchen carefully. In that case, the kitchen will be difficult to clean up after a long period.

How to Clean the Range Hood

Every time we use the range hood, there must be a layer of oil on it. Also, it is specially hard to clean oil in the groove of the range hood. Even worse, when we do not clean it for a long time, there will be a thick layer of oil in it.

To clean it, we should drain a part of the oil that can be drained firstly. Then, we can put the box in the warm water with the detergent for about 30 minutes. After that, it will be easier to clean.

How to Clean the Kitchen Floor

We can prepare a mop specially for kitchen. When cleaning the kitchen, we should moisten the mop and pour in some vinegar. After that, we will find that the floor can be cleaned better and it will be easier to clean the floor with oil.

How to Clean the Gas Stove

If we want to cook, then we must use a gas stove. However, sometimes  the oil will splash during cooking. When we clean up the gas stove, we can make full use of the vinegar which is used for daily cooking. To clean the gas stove, we can mix the vinegar with warm water. After it, we can also clean the gas stove with a sponge or use soapy water. Fortunately, it can be immediately wiped after cooking and it will be easier to clean the gas stove.

How to Clean the Tiles

When cooking, the oil usually splashes on the tiles on the wall. If the oil is not wiped, it will easily accumulate and be more difficult to clean. For the cleaning, we can prepare an empty bottle. Next, we can add half a bottle of water and washing powder into the bottle. What is more, we can also add two spoons of vinegar and three spoons of alcohol into the water, which can easily remove the oil on the tiles.


How to Clean the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is also an indispensable part of the kitchen. After using it for a long time, the refrigerator tends to look dirty. We can wipe the surface of the refrigerator with warm water, and we can use a cotton swab to clean the places with small gaps. If the refrigerator is dusty, we can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

In the cleaning of the kitchen, what is important is that we should use professional tools. For overall cleaning of the kitchen, many tools are needed, such as window cleaners, dish brushes, dusters, lint roller, microfiber cleaning clothes and toilet brush.

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Post time: Aug-28-2020