Do You Know the Window Cleaning Skills?

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At present, there are glass windows in the modern home decoration. Therefore, it is indispensable to scrub the glass windows when cleaning the room. Many friends think that the glass windows are particularly difficult to clean. However, if you use the right method, you can easily clean them. I will introduce the relevant knowledge of glass window cleaning and maintenance in detail.

Tips for cleaning glass windows

1. Prepare the tools and materials to be used, a basin of water, a dry cloth, a wet cloth, detergent, window cleaners.

 2. Before cleaning the glass with window cleaners, apply a little vinegar on a damp cloth, and then wipe the glass window directly, you can easily wipe the dust or stains on the glass window. This method uses most glass windows, but if you have thick oily glass windows in your kitchen, it's not very useful.

 3. The glass windows in the kitchen are very oily and cannot be cleaned by ordinary methods. You can use window cleaners to clean the glass windows of the kitchen, evenly touch the cleaner on the glass windows, and then apply a layer of plastic wrap. This will allow the oil to fully soften. After ten minutes, remove the plastic wrap and wipe it with a damp cloth.

 4. If you want to clean a glass window that has not been cleaned for a long time, and the dust has accumulated thick, then prepare two rags, one dry rag and one wet rag when cleaning. Wipe aside with a wet rag first, then apply white wine with a dry rag, and wipe hard to restore clean and bright.

 5. In winter, the glass window will frost. Cleaning the frost on the surface requires skill, otherwise water marks will be left. The method of clearing the cream is to wipe the glass window easily with a rag moistened with white wine or salt water without leaving any traces. You can also gently wipe off the cream with window cleaners, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

 Maintenance techniques for glass windows

1. The glass windows are prone to dust and stains during use. In order to keep the glass windows clean and at the same time increase the service life, the windows should be cleaned regularly with window cleaners.

2. Do not use strong alkali or strong acid cleaners when cleaning glass windows. Although this cleaning agent has no effect on the glass, it will damage the finish of the window frame profile and also corrode the oxide layer of the hardware. It can seriously damage the appearance and robustness of glass windows.

3. If a large piece of debris falls into the window gap of the glass window, it must be cleaned out in time with window cleaners to avoid causing greater damage to the window.

4. In the process of using glass windows, avoid hitting the windows with hard objects to avoid damaging the glass or window profiles. Do not use too much force when opening and closing windows, and maintain a uniform and moderate speed and strength.

Have you learned the above methods of cleaning and maintaining glass? Follow us for more cleaning tips and cleaning tools.

Post time: Aug-29-2020