Characteristics of the Swedes

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Switzerland is a federal state located in central Europe. With a total area of only 40,000 square kilometers, more than 60% of the country is covered by mountains.


Due to the geographical location, the mountains have brought huge difficulties for Swiss people to communicate with the other countries. Poor resources have limited the development of the economy in this country. However, Swiss people used their wisdom to guarantee the continuous development. After more than 100 years of hard work, the Swiss has developed into a capitalist country full of banks, insurance companies and high technologies. The Swiss people work more than 40 hours a week, and there are fewer paid holidays per year than in Sweden. In 1985, the Swiss voted against a bill to increase the length of paid holidays. In recent years, many European countries have staged a number of strikes for the 36-hour work, while the vast majority of Swiss have voted against the 36-hour work.

Love Cleanness

Swiss people are known for their cleanliness. The windows of the Swiss people are all clean and spotless and everything is neatly sorted. What is more, the storage room is neatly stacked. Not only are their personal houses clean and tidy, they also pay great attention to maintaining the hygiene of public places. No matter in urban or rural areas, they rarely throw away waste. They also attach great importance to the problem of environmental pollution, so there are many strict and specific regulations on protecting environment and preventing pollution. For example, the glass bottles are required to be put into recycling appliances on the street.

For their cleanness, the Swiss people have used many tools such as window cleaners, dish brushes, dusters, lint roller, toilet brush to help the cleaning of their houses and the cities. Taking the Cncozihome as an example, it has a large variety of tools for efficient cleaning, which can fully meet the needs of customers, which is of great significance for environmental protection and personal cleanness. What is more, in addition to the diversity of the products, the good quality of the products is also one of the key factors to make this brand become the first choice when taking a purchase of the tools.



Punctuality is another outstanding advantage of the Swiss. All the public transportation in Sweden is usually on time. If there is a date, the Swiss must be punctual to arrive at the destination, otherwise they will try to call the other to show their respect to others. Punctuality will give others a sense of seriousness and trust and all appointments must be booked in advance.


Civilization and integrity prevail in Switzerland. For example, there are no ticket sellers on buses in Switzerland. Passengers buy the tickets at the automatic machines and drivers never check the tickets. Bags of potatoes, boxes of fresh eggs, and bunches of flowers are often displayed with the price on them, and a small bowl for collection is placed next to it.

Post time: Aug-24-2020